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How does DAM increase the value of digital assets?

Convincing Yourself to Pull the DAM Trigger (Part 4 of 4)

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 5:35pm | Insights
Chris Whalen

Every photo, image, logo, video, brochure, banner, presentation, and pamphlet you create and manage is valuable. These assets required money for purchase or time for production. While DAM can help decrease the cost surrounding these assets, cost saving is only a small portion of what DAM can and should do. At its core, DAM is a hub that connects its digital spokes into almost every facet of your business. It is responsible for the digital content that affects sales, marketing, human resources, customer relations, and more. The value generated through DAM can be felt in each of those business units.

"As your business builds confidence in your DAM, your system transforms from being viewed as an expense to a valuable investment."

Here are a few areas where DAM adds real value to your business:

Strengthening Your Brand

One of the key points to building and maintaining a strong brand is a clear, direct communication to consumers; this is important for both the spoken and visual message. A DAM system helps you maintain content consistency. As the single source for digital assets, DAM can make certain that:

  1. Your current logo is correctly used on your website, in marketing emails, and in print media
  2. Your sales force is using the approved marketing slides for their presentations
  3. Your product images displayed in your catalog are up to date and match the images found on your website
  4. Your marketing videos are promptly displayed online and then pulled when the campaign ends
  5. Your product manuals have the correct diagrams after a recall

By providing the means to secure, control, review, and approve content, DAM can help align your visual message and avoid conflicting branding.

Quickly connecting and delivering to new content markets

The consumption of content is ever changing. What started with print has expanded to a constant fluctuation of online and digital delivery markets. Legacy marketing might have targeted consumers with a single printed catalog or even a single company website. Today, consumers are actively engaged, seeking out and consuming content from print, television, social media, brand or product specific websites, massive e-commerce websites, video-sharing websites, blogs, review websites; the list goes on.

Leveraging the delivery capabilities of a DAM system can allow you to push the right content to the right endpoint quickly. As old markets die and new markets emerge, you can make small adjustments within your DAM to not miss a beat.

Marketing Metrics

What if you could tie successful or failed campaigns or products back to the content that supplied them? Pulling accurate asset metrics without a DAM system is nearly impossible. The logging and auditing features of DAM open the door to a host of reports that can help you learn more about the true nature of your content. If you find a specific type of asset generates positive campaign or product results, you can aim to create more content that adhere to what made that asset type successful. With the information reported by a DAM system, you can start to build metrics.

For example, you look at the leads or sales generated and compare that to the assets used:

  • How much did those assets cost to procure?
  • How much did those assets cost to create?
  • How many times were they used?
  • What content markets were they used in?
  • Where those assets used in any other assets?
  • How many different campaigns or products where the assets used for?
  • Can those assets be used in any other campaign or product?
  • Do those assets have any historical significance to my company or brand?

There are even more metrics that can be built around DAM to fit your particular model required. Compiling and analyzing data around your content is not always the first thought when investigating a Digital Asset Management system. Employing this data is essential when you really want to start driving your assets to generate more value.

Be a Content Consumer

By engaging your consumers, you’ll find that they can be great sources of generated content. In response to your campaign, people may volunteer content that can be drawn back into your DAM and used to fuel the current or next campaign.


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