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ADA Website Compliance

Ensure your website complies with the latest ADA and WCAG requirements to eliminate the risk of non-compliance, high legal fines, and penalties.

ADA compliance
ADA Website Compliance Done Right

Why Prioritize ADA Website Compliance

Cost Savings

Failure to comply with ADA requirements can lead to fines and penalties that can exceed $100,000. We help you mitigate the risk of non-compliance.

Improve Experience

Improve your overall site experience with accessible and optimized web pages, reducing bounce rates, boosting engagement, and enhancing conversion rates.

Improved SEO

Boost your SEO ranking by ensuring your web pages are accessible to screen readers, helping you surpass competitors, helping you increase site traffic.

Extend Reach

Connect with the dynamic community of nearly 50 million Americans with disabilities and boost online sales

Get A Free Accessibility Assessment of Your Site

Avyre helps companies comply with the latest ADA and WCAG requirements.

In your consultation with our experts, you will receive an Accessibility Assessment of your site to identify any violations present. We will provide you with guidance on mitigating risks and implementing solutions tailored to your organization.

Request your assessment to get started.


Bring Your Website Into ADA Compliance

Website ADA Assessment

We leverage the same tools attorneys would use to identify any violations and outstanding issues on your website.

Assessment Results Review

Our ADA compliance expert will walk you through the Accessibility Assessment Results and discuss strategies to effectively address your risks and remedies to ensure compliance.

Effective ADA Remediation Options

Choose how you want to proceed:
  1. Implement all recommendations on your own.
  2. Implement basic recommendations on your own and employ Avyre to execute advanced development items.
  3. Engage Avyre to handle the entire remediation process for you.

Ongoing Compliance Audit & Support

Avyre can provide ongoing compliance services to help you stay compliant. We conduct quarterly audits and if necessary, remediation services that provide you the proof to defend compliance claims.

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The Risk with Web Accessibility Widgets

30% of ADA lawsuits involve companies using accessibility widgets.

Using a website accessibility widget? Despite their use, you could still face ADA litigation risks. These tools offer a false sense of compliance, leaving your company potentially vulnerable to lawsuits. Contact us for an Accessibility Assessment to ensure you are truly in compliance.

ADA compliance

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